Justin Beroz

PhD Student


M.S.E. Mechanical Engineering, 2012
University of Michigan

B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering, 2010
University of Michigan


Research Interests

Self Assembly of Nanostructures
Precision Mechanical Design

Awards and Honors

2013 MIT Deshpande Center Ignition Grant (with John Hart)
2013 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Compliant Mechanisms Award
2013 De Florez Award Competition – 3rd place Engineering Design Award
2013 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
2012 William Mirsky Memorial Fellowship for Outstanding Research and Academic Achievement
2011 National Science Foundation Graduate Student Research Fellowship

Work Experience

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Greenbelt, MD
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Mission Operations Center (MOC)
Systems Engineering and Launch Support (2008-2009)

Other Interests and Hobbies

Cat{-}humans, playing saxophone and flute, astrophysics