Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design (ME450)

  In ME450, teams of four students tackle a complex mechanical design project, starting with concepts and finishing with a functional prototype. In ME450, Prof. Hart and the Mechanosynthesis Group have sponsored and advised several ME450 projects related to the synthesis and processing of nanostructured materials. Examples include: the SpinGrower layer-by-layer assembly system (2009 R&D100 Award), a machine for rolling and printing of CNT films, a plasma-enhanced CVD system with a locally-heated substrate, and the "Charybdis" machine for 4-degree-of-freedom manipulation of liquids during capillary self-assembly. These and other instruments that were born in ME450 are used in our lab, and the projects have inspired several students to attend graduate school, or to pursue careers in nanomaterials and advanced manufacturing.