• June 16, 2017
    Rate limits of additive manufacturing by fused filament fabrication and guidelines for high-throughput system design
    J. Go, S. Schiffres, A.G. Stevens, and A.J. Hart. Additive Manufacturing. We determine the rate limits to FFF by analysis of machine modules and suggest design enhancements via targeted quality specifications.
  • June 5, 2017
    Professor John Hart awarded prestigious teaching award
    Associate Professor John Hart, faculty director of the Mechanosynthesis Group at MIT, was awarded the prestigious Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Distinguished Teaching at MIT. The award was made possible by a gift from Ruth and Joel S. Spira, to "acknowledge the tradition of high-quality engineering education at MIT." Congratulations, Prof. Hart!
  • May 30, 2017
    Prof. Hart and Sanha Kim present at inaugural SENSE.nano conference
    Prof. Hart was a distinguished speaker at the SENSE.nano Symposium, an inaugural launch event for SENSE.nano MIT.nano's first Center of Excellence. Prof. Hart's talk, "Printable electronics - functional features at nanoscale dimensions," drew heavily from the research done in conjunction with Mechanosynthesis Group research scientist Dr. Sanha Kim. At the same conference, Dr. Kim presented during the poster session on his work developing CNT-based nanoporous stamps for high-throughput printed electronics.
  • May 24, 2017
    John Lewandowski awarded Legatum Fellowship
    John Lewandowski, a graduate student in the Mechanosynthesis Group, was awarded a 2017-2018 Legatum Fellowship. John's commercial ventures into enhanced biomedical devices are due to bring lasting positive impacts to those who need them most, and the Legatum Fellowship will help facilitate the transition of his vision and research into actionable products. "The Legatum Fellowship is a competitive program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs gain a world class education at MIT in order to launch and scale their ventures and maximize their likelihood of success as principled entrepreneurial leaders and agents for change who will transform society and improve global wellbeing." Congratulations, John!
  • May 19, 2017
    Emily Hanhauser completes Master's Thesis
    Emily Hanhauser, an S.M. candidate jointly advised by Professor Hart and Professor Rohit Karnik (MechE), completed her Master's Thesis this month, entitled: "Dry preservation of heavy metal contaminants using cation exchange resins for improved water quality monitoring." Emily's thesis research was facilitated by seed financing from MIT's J-WAFS program, and was awarded May 19th, 2017. Congratulations, Emily!
  • May 16, 2017
    Dhanush Mariappan and Crystal Owens place high in de Florez competition
    Dhanush Mariappan and Crystal Owens, graduate students in the Mechanosynthesis Group, received 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, in 2017's de Florez competition. "The de Florez awards are given to Course 2 students demonstrating "Outstanding Ingenuity and Creative Judgment" in areas that utilize mechanical engineering knowledge or practice." Congratulations, Dhanush and Crystal!
  • May 12, 2017
    Dr. Hangbo Zhao successfully defends thesis
    Congratulations to Dr. Hangbo Zhao, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis, "Liquid Manipulation Using Engineered Carbon Nanotube Surfaces," on May 12th, 2017 in front of a faculty panel comprised of Professors Kripa Varanasi and Xuanhe Zhao. Dr. Zhao is the first Mechanosynthesis Group alumnus to be awarded his PhD at MIT, and will continue with the group as a Postdoctoral Associate throughout the summer. We look forward to the inevitable accomplishments in store for Dr. Zhao. Congratulations!
  • May 1, 2017
    Desktop Metal unveils their Studio metal desktop printer
    Desktop Metal, a Burlington-MA based startup, unveiled their Studio product line this past week. The Studio system includes both printer and sintering oven and can be used for directly printing metal parts safely in an office or desktop setting. The Studio relies on extrusion of a metal rod of filamentary material, unlike other powder-based systems for metal parts, to leverage a wider materials suite at a more affordable cost. The Studio system will ship in September of this year. Professor John Hart is a co-founder of Desktop Metal along with several other MIT faculty.
  • April 20, 2017
    Dan Oropeza Gomez receives NASA Fellowship
    Daniel Oropeza Gomez, a graduate student in the Mechanosynthesis Group, was awarded the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (NSTRF) for his research project entitled, "Additive Manufacturing of Low Work Function Oxides for Spaceborne Thermionic Emission Applications." The NSTRF program, "sponsors U.S. citizen and permanent resident graduate students who show significant potential to contribute to NASA’s goal of creating innovative new space technologies for our Nation’s science, exploration and economic future." Dan's fellowship will run from 8/31/17 through 7/31/18. Congratulations, Dan!