PhD Alumni

Li Dr. Jinjing Li
Thesis Title: Repeatable High-Yield Carbon Nanotube Growth by Moisture-Controlled Decoupled Chemical Vapor Deposition
Defended: December 2015
Brittan Dr. Brittan Farmer
Thesis Title: Modeling and Simulation of Carbon Nanotube Growth
Defended: April 2015
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Minnesota
Dr. Ryan Oliver
Thesis Title: Direct Write Manufacturing and Interactive Manipulation of Microparticles
Defended: November 2014
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral Associate at MIT
Dr. Sei Jin Park
Thesis Title: Carbon Nanotube Microarchitectures for Mechanical
Defended: July 2013
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral Associate at MIT
mostafa_bedewy_320x200 Dr. Mostafa Bedewy
Thesis Title: Collective Mechanochemical Growth of Carbon Nanotubes
Defended: November 2013
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral Associate at MIT
Davor_Small Dr. Davor Copic
Thesis Title: Fabrication of Polymer and Nanocomposite Microstructures and Microactuators by
Capillary Infiltration and Replica Modeling
Defended: September 2013
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral Associate at University of Cambridge
Erik Polsen Dr. Erik Polsen
Thesis Title: Robust Synthesis and Continuous Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotube Forests
and Graphene Films
Defended: March 2013
Subsequent Position: Program Manager, Automated Armor Manufacturing ManTech Program,
US Army Tank-Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC)
Dr. Eric R. Meshot
Thesis Title: Dynamics and Limiting Mechanisms of Self-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Growth
Defended: December 2011
Subsequent Position: BAEF Postdoctoral Fellow at IMEC, Belgiums
Current Position: Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr. Sameh Tawfick
Thesis Title: Mechanocapillary Forming of Filamentary Materials
Defended: November 2011
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral Associate at MIT
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, UIUC


PostDoc Alumni

Dr. Alvin Orbaek White
Dr. Scott Schiffres
Assistant Professor
SUNY Binghamton
Dr. JJ Wie
Assistant Professor
Inha University, Korea
Dr. Mostafa Bedewy
Postdoctoral Associate
SJ100x63 Dr. Sei Jin Park
Postdoctoral Fellow
Seoul National University
viswa Dr. Viswanath Balakrishnan
Assistant Professor
IIT Mandi
Dan_Small Dr. Dan McNerny
Postdoctoral Associate
University of Michigan
assaf Dr. Assaf Ya’akobovitz
Assistant Professor
Ben Gurion University
Dr. Aaron Schmidt
Assistant Professor
Boston University
Dr. Yongyi Zhang
Associate Professor SiNano
Chinese Academy of Sciences
michael Dr. Micheal DeVolder
Assistant Professor
University of Cambridge
Dr. Myounggu Park 2007-2008


Graduate Level Research Alumni

Chris Prohoda 2013-2015
Megan Roberts 2009-2014
Fabrice Laye Fabrice Laye 2011-2013
Georges Georges Pavlidis 2012
Kendall Teichert 2011
Yuki Matsuoka
Summer Intern
Tom Serbowicz Tom Serbowicz 2011
Anne Anne Juggernauth 2009-2010
Masaki Watanabe
Summer Intern
Jong G. Ok 2007-2009
sangwoo Sangwoo Han 2008
Kaushik Subramanian 2008


Master’s Alumni

Stuart Baker
A Scientific Analysis of Science
Ron Rosenberg
Screen-printed Ion Selective Electrodes for Soil Ion Detection
Abhinav Rao
Multi-scale mechanics and deterministic design of carbon nanotube yarns
justin Justin Beroz
Precision Manipulation of Micro-Scale Liquid Volumes
anna Anna Brieland-Shoultz
Mechanics of Carbon Nanotube Composite Micropillars and Metal Thin Films for Graphene Growth
Anand Anand Nageswaran Barath
Experimental Investigation of Gas Flow through Carbon Nanotube Forests
seijin Sei-Jin Park
Control and Measurement of Capillary Forming of 3-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube Microstructures


Undergraduates and Other Researchers

Abigail Nalbandian Jeremy Ng
Adam Stevens Jingjie Hu
Anthony Mark John Taphouse
Bryan Yamasaki Keval Patel
Chris Parmer Kevin Lyons
Daniel Cheng Levon Cimonian
Daniel Nees Michael Reinker
Danny Vidaud Neil Patel
David Mui Peter Diehr
Gary Marx Sheng Jiang
Homayoon (Amir) Maghsoodi Steve Perkins
Ilias Anagnostopoulos Politis Suraj Jaipalli
Nathan Spielberg Veronica Sklarzewski
 Charlene Xia Thomas Fick


NNIN Summer Research Undergraduate Alumni

Michael Bellavia 2012
Matthew Diasio 2011
Sibu Kuruvilla 2010
Alex Hryn 2009
Michael Moebius 2008