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In Review (selected)

Tailoring the surface morphology of carbon nanotube forests by plasma etching: a parametric study.

S. Seo, S. Kim, S. Yamamoto, K. Cui, T. Kodama, K. Shiomi, T. Inoue, S. Chiashi, S. Maruyama, A.J. Hart

Substrate-versatile direct-write printing of carbon nanotube-based flexible conductors, circuits, and sensors.

C. Meier, S.L. Fuchs, A.J. Hart, W.A. Wall.

A laboratory-scale binder jet additive manufacturing testbed for process exploration and material development.

D. Oropeza, A.J. Hart.

Iron oxide xerogels for improved water quality moni- toring of arsenic(III) in resource-limited environments via solid-phase extraction, preservation, storage, transportation, and analysis of trace contaminants (SEPSTAT).

M.S. Bono, E.B. Hanhauser, C. Vaishnav, A.J. Hart, R. Karnik.

Is machine learning able to detect and classify failure in piezoresistive bone cement based on electrical signals?

H. Ghaednia, C.E. Owens, L.E. Keiderling, K.M. Varadarajan, A.J. Hart, J.H. Schwab, T.T Tallman.

A novel smoothed particle hydrodynamics formulation for thermo-capillary phase change problems with focus on metal additive manufacturing melt pool modeling.

C. Meier, S.L. Fuchs, A.J. Hart, W.A. Wall. [arXiv]

Teaching manufacturing processes using a flipped classroom model.

A.J. Hart, D. Wendell, J. Liu, J. Lewandowski, M. Funes, A. Shih.

Key principles for workforce upskilling via online learning: a learning analytics study of a professional course in additive manufacturing.

K. Peppler, J. Huang, M.C. Richey, M. Ginda, K. Borner, H. Quinlan, A.J. Hart. [arXiv]

Additively manufactured 3D surface electrodes for smart robotic gripping.

D.G. Kim, S. He, A.J. Hart, S. Kim.

Printable, castable nanocrystalline cellulose composites exhibiting nacre-like toughening.

A. Rao, T. Divoux, C.E. Owens, A.J. Hart.

Additive manufacturing for product design and engineering: a review of process capabilities, material properties, and emerging technologies.

G. D’Angelo, D.B. Pedersen, H.N. Hansen, A.J. Hart.

Crack-free colloidal crystal macrostructures.

J. Beroz, A.T.L. Tan, K. Kamrin, A.J. Hart. [arXiv]



Limiting mechanisms and scaling of electrostatically controlled adhesion of soft nanocomposite surfaces for robotic gripping.

M.S.H. Boutilier, C. Cao, N. Nayakanti, S. Kim, S.M. Taheri-Mousavi, A.J. Hart
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (in press), 2021. [pdf] [doi] [video]

A modular testbed for mechanized spreading of powder layers for additive manufacturing.

D. Oropeza, R. Roberts, A.J. Hart.
Review of Scientific Instruments (in press), 2021. [pdf] [doi]



Digital metal printing by electrohydrodynamic ejection and in-flight melting of microparticles.

Henry Merrow, Justin D. Beroz, Kaihao Zhang, Ulrich P. Muecke, A. John Hart.
Additive Manufacturing (in press), 2020. [pdf] [doi]

High-speed production of crystalline semiconducting polymer line arrays by meniscus oscillation self-assembly.

J. Jeon, A. Tan, J. Lee, E.J. Park, S. Won, S. Kim, M. Bedewy, J. Go, J.K. Kim, A.J. Hart, J.J. Wie.
ACS Nano (in press), 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Simulating the AM production facility: a configurable tool for strategic factory-level planning.

E. Shakirov, K. Gee, H. Quinlan, C. Fortin, I. Uzhinsky, A.J. Hart.
ASME 15th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC), 2020. [pdf]

In situ interfacial polymerization: A technique for rapid formation of highly-loaded carbon nanotube-polymer composites.

C.A.C. Chazot, C.K. Jons, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Functional Materials (in press), 2020. [pdf] [doi]

A microneedle technology for sampling and sensing bacteria in the food supply chain.

D. Kim, Y. Cao, D. Mariappan, M.S. Bono, A.J. Hart, B. Marelli.
Advanced Functional Materials (in press), 2020. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News]

A precision desktop plate-to-roll apparatus for development of advanced flexographic printing processes.

D.D. Mariappan, S. Kim, A.J. Hart.
Precision Engineering, 66:392-400, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Strong, ultralight nanofoams with extreme recovery and dissipation by manipulation of internal adhesive contacts.

Sei Jin Park, Jungho Shin, Daniel J. Magagnosc, Sanha Kim, Changhong Cao, Kevin T. Turner, Prashant K. Purohit, Daniel S. Gianola, and A. John Hart.
ACS Nano, 14(7):8383–8391, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Maximization of carbon nanotube yield by solid carbon-assisted dewetting of iron catalyst films.

Rahul Rao, Jennifer Carpena-Núñez, Nicholas T. Dee, Dmitri N.Zakharov, J. Anibal Boscoboinik, Eric A. Stach, A. John Hart, Benji Maruyama.
Carbon 165:251-258, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Strong macroscale supercrystalline structures by direct-write self-assembly of ceramic nanoparticles.

B. Domènech, A.T.L. Tan, H. Jelitto, E.Z. Berodt, M. Blankenburg, O. Focke, J. Cho, C.C. Tasan, L.C. Ciacchi, M. Müller, K.P. Furlan, A.J. Hart, G.A. Schneider.
Advanced Engineering Materials, 22(7):2000352, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Interfacial load monitoring and failure detection in total joint replacements via piezoresistive bone cement and electrical impedance tomography.

H. Ghaednia, C. E. Owens, R. Roberts, T. N. Tallman, A. J. Hart, K. M. Varadarajan.
Smart Materials and Structures, 29(8):085039, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Improved rheometry of yield stress fluids using bespoke fractal 3D printed vanes.

C.E. Owens, A.J. Hart, G.H. McKinley.
Journal of Rheology, 64:643-662, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Shape-programmed fabrication and actuation of magnetic nanocomposite micropost arrays.

J. Jeon, J.E. Park, S.J Park, S. Won, H. Zhao, S. Kim, B.S. Shim, A. Urbas, A.J. Hart, Z. Ku, J.J. Wie.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12(14), 17113-17120, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Solid-phase extraction, preservation, storage, transport and analysis of trace contaminants (SEPSTAT) for water quality monitoring of heavy metals.

E.B. Hanhauser, M.S. Bono, C. Vaishnav, A.J. Hart, R. Karnik.
Environmental Science and Technology, 54(5), 2646-2657, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Fieldwork-based determination of design priorities for point-of-use drinking water quality sensors for use in resource-limited environments.

M.S. Bono, S. Beasley, E.B. Hanhauser, A.J. Hart, R. Karnik, C. Vaishnav.
PLoS ONE, 15(1):e0228140, 2020. [pdf] [doi]



In-plane direct-write assembly of iridescent colloidal crystals.

A.T.L. Tan, S. Nagelberg, E. Chang-Davidson, J. Tan, J. K. W. Yang, M. Kolle, A.J. Hart.
Small, 16(4):1905519, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

High-density carbon nanotube forest growth on copper foil for enhanced thermal and electrochemical interfaces.

B. Lettiere, C. Chazot, K. Cui, A.J. Hart.
ACS Applied Nano Materials, 3(1), 77-83, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Understanding and control of interactions between carbon nanotubes and polymers for manufacturing of high-performance composite materials.

C.A.C. Chazot, A.J. Hart
Composites Science and Technology. 183:107795, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Delamination mechanics of carbon nanotube micropillars.

J. Brown, T. Hajilounezhad, N. Dee, S. Kim, A.J. Hart, M. Maschmann
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 11(38), 35221-35227, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Microstructured ceramic-coated carbon nanotube surfaces as high heat flux pool boiling interfaces.

H. Zhao, S. Dash, N.S. Dhillon, S. Kim, B. Lettiere, K. Varanasi, A.J. Hart
ACS Applied Nano Materials. 2(9), 538-5545, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

A robotic platform for flow synthesis of organic compounds informed by AI planning.

C.W. Coley, D.A. Thomas III, J.A.M. Lummiss, J.N. Jaworski, C.P. Breen, V. Schultz, T. Hart, J.S. Fishman, L. Rogers, H. Gao, R.W. Hicklin, P.P. Plehiers, J. Byington, J.S. Piotti, W.H. Green, A.J.Hart, T.F. Jamison, K.F. Jensen
Science. 365.6453: eaax1566, 2019. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News] [video]

Soft nanocomposite electroadhesives for digital micro- and nanotransfer printing.

S. Kim, Y. Jiang, K. Towell, M.S.H. Boutilier, N. Nayakanti, C. Chun, C. Jacob, H. Zhao, K.T. Turner, A.J. Hart.
Science Advances. 4(10): EAAX4790, 2019. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News]

Isolating the roles of hydrogen exposure and trace carbon contamination on the formation of active catalyst populations for carbon nanotube growth.

J. Carpena-Núñez, J.A. Boscoboinik, S.M. Saber, R. Rao, J. Zhong, M.R. Maschmann, P.R. Kidambi, N.T. Dee, D.N. Zakharov, D. Stacchiola, A.J. Hart, E.A. Stach, B. Maruyama.
ACS Nano. 13(8), 8736-8748, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Carbon-assisted catalyst pre-treatment enables straightforward synthesis of high-density carbon nanotube forests.

N.T. Dee, J. Li, A.O. White, C. Jacob, W. Shi, P.R. Kidambi, K. Cui, D.N. Zakharov, N.Z. Jankovic, M. Bedewy, C.A. Chazot, J. Carpena-Nunez, B. Maruyama, E.A. Stach, D.L. Plata, A.J. Hart.
Carbon. 153:196-205, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

An assessment of the dimensional accuracy and geometry-resolution limit of desktop stereolithography using response surface methodology.

I. Cotabarren, C.A. Palla, C. McCue, A.J. Hart.
Rapid Prototyping Journal. 25(7), 1169-1186, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Dynamics of liquid transfer from nanoporous stamps in high-resolution flexographic printing.

D.D. Mariappan, S. Kim, M.S.H. Boutilier, J. Zhao, H. Zhao, J. Beroz, U. Muecke, H. Sojoudi, K. Gleason, P. Brun, A.J. Hart.
Langmuir. 35(24):7659-7671, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Precision assembly of additively manufactured components using integral kinematic couplings.

R.W. Penny, A.J. Hart.
Precision Engineering. 60:104-116, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Shear melting and recovery of crosslinkable cellulose nanocrystal-polymer gels.

A. Rao, T. Divoux, G.H. McKinley, A.J. Hart.
Soft Matter. 15:4401-4412, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Stability limit of electrified droplets.

J. Beroz, A.J. Hart, J.W.M. Bush.
Physical Review Letters. 122:244501, 2019. [pdf] [video][doi] [MIT News]

Additive manufacturing of biomechanically tailored meshes for compliant wearable and implantable devices.

S.W. Pattinson, M.E. Huber, S. Kim, J. Lee, S. Grunsfeld, R. Roberts, G. Dreifus, C. Meier, L. Liu, N. Hogan, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Functional Materials2019, 1901815. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News]

Perspective: How to print a 3D object all at once.

A.J. Hart, A. Rao.
Science. 363:1042-1043, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Hierarchically structured nanoparticle monolayers for the tailored etching of nanoporous silicon.

M. Sharma, A.T.L. Tan, B. Smith, A.J. Hart, J.C. Grossman.
ACS Applied Nano Materials. 2(3):1146-1151, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Synthetic butterfly scale surfaces with compliance-tailored anisotropic drop adhesion.

H. Zhao, S.J. Park, B.R. Solomon, S. Kim, D. Soto, A.T. Paxson, K.K. Varanasi, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Materials. 31(14):1807686, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Geometric tailoring of strength and toughness in self-locking interleaved laminates.

S. Tawfick, N. Nayakanti, C. Prohoda, A.J. Hart.
Extreme Mechanics Letters. 27:94-101, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

In situ mechanical mechanochemical modulation of carbon nanotube forest growth.

N.T. Dee, M. Bedewy, A. Rao, J. Beroz, B. Lee, E.R. Meshot, C.A. Chazot, P.R. Kidambi, H. Zhao, T. Serbowicz, K. Teichert, P.K. Purohit, A.J. Hart.
Chemistry of Materials. 31(2):407–418, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Modeling and characterization of cohesion in fine metal powders with a focus on additive manufacturing process simulations.

C. Meier, R. Weissbach, J. Weinberg, W.A. Wall, A.J. Hart.
Powder Technology. 343:855-866, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Critical influences of particle size and adhesion on powder layer uniformity in metal additive manufacturing.

C. Meier, R. Weissbach, J. Weinberg, W.A. Wall, A.J. Hart.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology. 266:484-501, 2019. [pdf] [doi]



Carbon nanotubes and related nanomaterials: critical advances and challenges for synthesis towards mainstream commercial applications.

R. Rao, C. Pint, A. Islam, R. Weatherup, S. Hofmann, E. Meshot, F. Wu, C. Zhou, N.T. Dee, P. Amama, J. Carpena-Nuñez, W. Shi, D. Plata, E. Penev, B. Yakobson, P. Balbuena, C. Bichara, D. Futaba, S. Noda, H. Shin, K. Kim, B. Simard, F. Mirri, M. Pasquali, F. Fornasiero, E. Kauppinen, M. Arnold, B. Cola, P. Nikolaev, S. Arepalli, H. Cheng, D. Zakharov, E. Stach, J. Zhang, F. Wei, M. Terrones, D. Geohegan, B. Maruyama, S. Maruyama, Y. Li, W. Adams, A.J. Hart.
ACS Nano.  12(12), 11756-11784, 2018. [pdf] [doi]

In-field determination of soil ion content using a handheld device and screen-printed solid-state ion-selective electrodes.

R. Rosenberg, M.S. Bono, S. Braganza, C. Vaishnav, R. Karnik, A.J. Hart.
PLOS One. 13(9): e0203862, 2018. [pdf] [doi]

Direct-write freeform colloidal assembly.

A.T.L. Tan, J.D. Beroz, M. Kolle, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Materials. 30(44):1803620, 2018. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News]


Tungsten-carbon nanotube composite photonic crystals as thermally stable spectral-selective absorbers and emitters for thermophotovoltaics.

K. Cui, P. Lemaire, H. Zhao, T. Savas, G. Parsons, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Energy Materials. 8(27):1801471, 2018. [pdf] [doi]

3D printing metals like thermoplastics: Fused filament fabrication of metallic glasses.

M.A. Gibson, N.M. Mykulowycz, J. Shim, R. Fontana, P. Schmitt, A. Roberts, J. Ketkaew, L. Shao, W. Chen, P. Bordeenithikasem, J.S. Myerberg, R. Fulop, M.D. Verminski, E.M. Sachs, Y. Chiang, C.A. Schuh, A.J. Hart, J. Schroers.
Materials Today. 21(7):697-702, 2018. [pdf] [doi]


A one-step method of hydrogel modification by single-walled carbon nanotubes for highly stretchable and transparent electronics.

E. Gilshteyn, S. Lin, V. Kondrashov, D. Kopylova, A. Tsapenko, A. Anisimov, A.J. Hart, X. Zhao, A.G. Nasibulin.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 10(33):28069-28075, 2018. [pdf] [doi]


A scalable route to nanoporous large-area atomically-thin graphene membranes by roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition and polymer support casting.

P.R. Kidambi, D.D. Mariappan, N.T. Dee, A. Vyatskikh, S. Zhang, R. Karnik, A.J. Hart.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 10(12):10369-10378, 2018. [pdf] [doi]

High-precision modular microfluidics by micromilling of interlocking injection-molded blocks.

C.E. Owens, A.J. Hart.
Lab on a Chip. 18:890-901, 2018. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News]


Modulation of the effective density and refractive index of carbon nanotube forests via nanoimprint lithography.

S.J. Park, J.G. Ok, H.J. Park, K. Lee, J.H. Lee, J.D. Kim, E. Cho, H.W. Baac, S. Kang, L.J. Guo, A.J. Hart.
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Twist-coupled Kirigami cells and mechanisms.

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Thermophysical phenomena in metal additive manufacturing by selective laser melting: fundamentals, modeling, simulation, and experimentation.

C. Meier, R. Penny, Y. Zou, J.S. Gibbs, A.J. Hart.
Annual Review of Heat Transfer. 20:241-316, 2018. [pdf] [doi]




Precision control of nanoparticle monolayer assembly: Optimizing rate and crystal quality.

M. Bedewy, J. Hu, A.J. Hart
IEEE 17th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO), 2017.

Stable wettability control of nanoporous microstructures by iCVD coating of carbon nanotubes.

H. Sojoudi, S. Kim, H. Zhao, R. K. Annavarapu, D. Mariappan, A.J. Hart, G.H. McKinley, K.K. Gleason.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 9(49):43287-43299, 2017. [pdf] [doi]


Fast desktop-scale extrusion additive manufacturing.

J. Go, A.J. Hart.
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Compression and recovery of carbon nanotube foams described as a phase transition.

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Rate limits of additive manufacturing by fused filament fabrication and guidelines for high-throughput system design.

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Industrial and consumer uses of additive manufacturing: a discussion of capabilities, trajectories and challenges.

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Selective photo-mechanical detachment and retrieval of divided sister cells from enclosed microfluidics for downstream analyses.

Y.C. Chen, H.W. Baac, K.T. Lee, S. Fouladdel, K. Teichert, J.G. Ok, Y.H. Cheng, P. Ingram, A.J. Hart, E. Azizi, L.J. Guo, M. Wicha, E. Yoon.
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Additive manufacturing of cellulosic materials with high strength and antimicrobial functionality.

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Oxygen-promoted catalyst sintering influences number density, alignment, and wall number of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes.

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A framework for localized tool path optimization in fused filament fabrication.

G. Dreifus, B. Rapone, J.C. Bowers, X. Chen, A.J. Hart, B. Krishnamoorthy.
Symposium on Computational Fabrication. June 12-13, 2017. Cambridge, MA. [pdf] [doi]


Liquid imbibition in ceramic-coated carbon nanotube films.

H. Zhao, C. Jacob, H.A. Stone, A.J. Hart.
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Real-time imaging of self-organization and mechanical competition in carbon nanotube forest growth.

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Conformal robotic stereolithography.

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Universal handheld micropipette.

J. Beroz, A.J. Hart.
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Ultrathin high-resolution flexographic printing of electronic materials using nanoporous stamps.

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Morphology-dependent load transfer governs the strength and failure mechanism of carbon nanotube yarns.

A. Rao, S. Tawfick, M. Bedewy, A.J. Hart.
Extreme Mechanics Letters. 9(1):55-65, 2016. [pdf] [doi]


Molecular gastronomy meets 3D printing: layered construction via reverse spherification.

G. D’Angelo, H.N. Hansen, A.J. Hart.
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, 3(3):152-159, 2016. [pdf] [doi]


Measurement of the dewetting, nucleation, and deactivation kinetics of carbon nanotube population growth by environmental transmission electron microscopy.

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Predictive synthesis of freeform carbon nanotube microarchitectures by strain-engineered chemical vapor deposition.

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Small, 12:4393-4403, 2016. [pdf] [video][doi]


Highly consistent atmospheric pressure synthesis of carbon nanotube forests by mitigation of moisture transients.

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A framework for teaching the fundamentals of additive manufacturing and enabling rapid innovation.

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High-fidelity replica molding of glassy liquid crystalline polymer microstructures.

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On-demand isolation and manipulation of C. elegans by in vitro maskless photopatterning.

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Lego brick microfluidics.

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Precision locating of additively manufactured parts using embedded kinematic couplings.

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ASPE Topical Meeting on Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish in Additive Manufacturing. June 27-30, 2016. Raleigh, NC.

Plate-to-roll apparatus for continuous relief printing using microstructured nanoporous stamps.

D. Mariappan, S. Kim, A.J. Hart.
ASPE Topical Meeting on Precision Mechatronic System Design and Control. April 18-20, 2016. Cambridge, MA.




Art on the nanoscale and beyond.

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Anisotropic microwave conductivity dispersion of horizontally aligned multi-walled carbon-nanotube thin film on flexible substrate.

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Extremely elastic wearable carbon nanotube fiber strain sensor for monitoring of human motion.

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High speed roll-to-roll manufacturing of graphene using a concentric tube reactor.

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Corrugated paraffin nanocomposite films as large stroke thermal actuators and self-activating thermal interfaces.

D. Copic, A.J. Hart
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 7(15):8218–8224, 2015. [pdf] [doi]

Electrostatic capacitance and Faraday cage behavior of carbon nanotube forests.

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Mechanism and enhanced yield of carbon nanotube growth on stainless steel by oxygen-induced surface reconstruction.

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Chemistry of Materials, 27(3):932-937, 2015. [pdf] [doi]


Rate limiting tradeoffs in machine design for extrusion-based additive manufacturing

J. Go, A.J. Hart
26th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium


Dynamic printing of cells and microbeads for custom microfluidic assays

C.R. Oliver, N. Spielberg, A.J. Hart.
26th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium


Photopatterning of freeform surfaces using a modular robotic system

A.G. Stevens, C.R. Oliver, L. Chin, A.J. Hart.
26th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium


Selective single cell detachment and retrieval for downstream analyses using nanosecond laser pulses in CNT-coated microwell arrays.

Y.C. Chen, H.W. Baac, K.T. Lee, K. Teichert, A.J. Hart, L.J. Guo, E. Yoon.
The 19th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS), 2015



Enhanced surface capacitance of cylindrical micropillar arrays.

A. Ya’akobovitz, A.J. Hart.
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