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In Review (selected)

A low-cost, open-source cylindrical Couette rheometer.

M. Erni, A.J. Hart, D.L. Trumper, C.E. Owens.

A switchable flexible mechanical clutch based on self-amplified friction of interleaved layers.

A. Luo, A.J. Hart.

Additive manufacturing of crack-free, strong and ductile In939+TiB2 by laser powder bed fusion.

E. Tekoglu, M. Alrizqi, A.D. O’Brien, J. Liu, K. Biggs, S.Y. Kim, A. Penn, I. Sulak, K.P. So, W. Chen, A.J. Hart, J. Li.

Physical properties of industrially produced carbon nanotube yarns for use in structural nanocomposites.

M.N. Durso, W.J. Sawyer, A.J. Hart.

Versatile fabrication of carbon nanotube yarn composites by in situ interfacial polymerization of polyetherimide.

M.N. Durso, W.J. Sawyer, A.J. Hart.

Exploration of improved, roller-based spreading strategies for cohesive powders in additive manufacturing via coupled DEM-FEM simulations.

R. Weissbach, P.M. Praegla, W.A. Wall, A.J. Hart, C. Meier. [arXiv]

Hybrid physics-constrained machine-learning enhanced design of an additively manufacturable Al alloy with high-temperature strength.

S.M. Taheri-Mousavi, M. Xu, F. Hengsbach, C. Houser, M. Schaper, J.M. Lebeau, G.B. Olson, A.J. Hart.

On-lattice voxelated convolutional neural networks for prediction of phase diagrams and diffusion barriers in cubic alloys.

S.M. Taheri-Mousavi, S.S. Moeini-Ardakani, R.W. Penny, J. Li, A.J. Hart. [arXiv]




Manufacturing of high-conductivity carbon nanotube fibers and coils by immersed extrusion.

C.E. Owens, G.H. McKinley, A.J. Hart.
Materials Today (in press), 2024.

From automation to augmentation: policy and practice to redefine engineering design and manufacturing in the age of next-gen AI.

M.F. Alam, A. Lentsch, N. Yu, S. Barmack, S. Kim, D. Acemoglu, A.J. Hart, S. Johnson, F. Ahmed.
MIT Press, 2024. [pdf] [doi]


Review—Solid and polymer electrolyte materials and related processing methods suitable for three-dimensional battery architectures.

R.B. Church, A.J. Hart.
Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 171(4):0512, 2024. [pdf] [doi]


Rationally designing the supramolecular interfaces of nanoparticle superlattices with multivalent polymers.

C. Thrasher, F. Jia, D. Yee, J. Kubiak, Y. Wang, M. Lee, M. Onoda, A.J. Hart, R. Macfarlane.
JACS, 2024. [pdf] [doi]


A Bayesian sampling approach to constrained optimization of build layouts in additive manufacturing.

S. Kim, K. Gee, A.J. Hart.
International Journal of Production Research, 2024. [pdf] [doi]


Metal matrix composite with superior ductility at 800 °C: 3D printed In718+ZrB2 by laser powder bed fusion.

E. Tekoglu, A.D. O’Brien, J. Bae, K. Lim, J. Liu, S. Kavak, Y. Zhang, S.Y. Kim, D. Agaogullari, W. Chen, A.J. Hart, G. Sim, J. Li.
Composites Part B: Engineering, 268:111052, 2024. [pdf] [doi]

Quantitative analysis of thin metal powder layers via transmission X-ray imaging and discrete element simulation: Blade-based spreading approaches.

R.W. Penny, D. Oropeza, P.M. Praegla, R. Weissbach, C. Meier, W.A. Wall, A.J. Hart.
Powder Technology, 432:119106, 2024. [pdf] [doi]

Quantitative analysis of thin metal powder layers via transmission X-ray imaging and discrete element simulation: Roller-based spreading approaches.

R.W. Penny, D. Oropeza, P.M. Praegla, R. Weissbach, C. Meier, W.A. Wall, A.J. Hart.
Powder Technology, 432:119105, 2024. [pdf] [doi]



Virtual planning of a metal additive manufacturing factory using techno-economic hybrid simulation models.

E. Shakirov, H. Quinlan, A.J. Hart.
2023 Winter Simulation Conference, 1327-1338, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Individually addressable, 3D-printed carbon nanotube field emitter arrays for large-area vacuum electronics.

C.E. Owens, A. Kachkine, G.H. McKinley, L.F. Velásquez-Garcia, A.J. Hart.
23rd International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (IEEE Transducers), 1899-1900, 2023. [pdf]

Comparing machine learning algorithms for non-invasive detection and classification of failure in piezoresistive bone cement via electrical impedance tomography.

L. Keiderling, J. Rosendorfl, C.E. Owens, K.M. Varadarajan, A.J. Hart, J. Schwab, T.N. Tallman, H. Ghaednia.
Review of Scientific Instruments, 94:124103, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Learning at work: Visual learning analytics to upskill aerospace engineers in advanced manufacturing.

K. Peppler, J. Huang, M.C. Richey, M. Ginda, K. Börner, H. Quinlan, A.J. Hart.
ICLS 2023 Proceedings, 1899-1900, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Process intensification of microplasma nanoparticle synthesis enabled by gas flow design.

W.J. Sawyer, A.J. Hart.
Chemical Engineering Journal, 477:147111, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Learning to write with the fluid rope trick.

G. Chaudhary, S. Christ, A.J. Hart, L. Mahadevan.
Soft Matter, 19:8329-8336, 2023. [pdf] [doi] [videos]

Thick architected silicon composite battery electrodes using honeycomb patterned carbon nanotube forests.

R.B. Church, H. Gao, B.M. Gallant, A.J. Hart.
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 170(9):0543, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Interfacial photopolymerization: a method for light-based printing of thermoplastics.

C.A.C. Chazot, M.A. Creighton, A.J. Hart.
ACS Applied Materials and Interface, 15(25):31009-31019, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

The critical role of fracture in determining the adhesion strength of electroadhesives.

A. Luo, R.R. Zhao, J.L. Bassani, A.J. Hart, K.T. Turner.
Extreme Mechanics Letters, 63:102062, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Low-profile, large-range compressive strain sensing using micromanufactured CNT micropillar arrays.

C. Cao, M.S.H. Boutilier, S. Kim, S.M. Taheri-Mousavi, N. Nayakanti, R. Roberts, C.E. Owens, A.J. Hart.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 15(32):38665-38673, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

3D-printed, non-planar electron sources for next-generation electron projection lithography.

A. Kachkine, C.E. Owens, A.J. Hart, L.F. Velasquez-Garcia.
IEEE International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Strengthening additively manufactured Inconel 718 through in-situ formation of nanocarbides and silicides.

E. Tekoglu, A.D. O’Brien, J. Liu, B. Wang, S. Kavak, Y. Zhang, S.Y. Kim, S. Wang, D. Agaogullari, W. Chen, A.J. Hart, J. Li.
Additive Manufacturing, 67:103478, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Scalable, versatile synthesis of ultrathin polyetherimide films and coatings via interfacial polymerization.

C.A.C. Chazot, C.J. Thrasher, A. Peraire-Bueno, M.N. Durso, R.J. Macfarlane, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Functional Materials, 33(24):2214566, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Laser additive manufacturing for infrastructure repair: A case study of a deteriorated steel bridge beam.

S. Zhang, P. Hou, J. Kang, T. Li, S. Mooraj, Y. Ren, A.J. Hart, S. Gerasimidis, W. Chen.
Materials Science and Technology, 154:149-158, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Ultrathin high-mobility SWCNT transistors with electrodes printed by nanoporous stamp flexography.

D. Mariappan, S. Kim, J. Zhao, H. Zhao, U. Muecke, K. Gleason, T. Akinwande, A.J. Hart.
ACS Applied Nanomaterials, 6(7):5075-5080, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

Additive manufacturing of flexible 3D surface electrodes for electrostatic adhesion control and smart robotic gripping.

D.G. Kim, H. Je, A.J. Hart, S. Kim.
Friction, 11:1974-1986, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

A damped double dipole antenna for UHF RFID sensing in the frequency domain.

A. Peraire-Bueno, A.J. Hart.
IEEE Sensors Journal, 23(4):3710-3716, 2023. [pdf] [doi]

A physics-based modeling framework to assess the cost scaling of additive manufacturing, with application to laser powder bed fusion.

K. Gee, S. Kim, H. Quinlan, A.J. Hart.
Rapid Prototyping Journal, 29(5):1355-2546, 2023. [pdf] [doi]



Multiscale plasmonic refractory nanocomposites for high-temperature solar photothermal conversion.

Z. Huang, C. Cao, Q. Wang, H. Zhang, C. Owens, A.J. Hart, K. Cui.
Nano Letters, 22 (21):8526-8533, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Purification of dense carbon nanotube networks by subcritical hydrothermal processing.

M.N. Durso, A.J. Hart.
Carbon Trends, 9:100206, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

In-situ monitoring of material extrusion processes via thermal videoimaging with application to Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM).

F. Caltanissetta, G. Dreifus, A.J. Hart, B.M. Colosimo.
Additive Manufacturing, 58:102995, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Interfacial chemical vapor deposition of wrinkle-free bilayer graphene on dielectric substrates.

K. Zhang, A.J. Hart.
Applied Surface Science, 58:102995, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Physically contextualized machining instructions through augmented reality.

E. Higgason, G. Enns, J. Wight, E. Welsh, A.J. Hart, J. Liu.
American Society for Engineering Education Conference, 2022. [pdf]

Towards directed energy deposition of metals using polymer-based supports: hardness of 316L stainless steel deposited on carbon-fiber-reinforced ABS.

R. Kurfess, R. Kannan, T. Fedlhausen, K. Saleeby, A.J. Hart, D. Hardt.
2023 ASME 2022 17th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, MSEC2022-85562, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Direct ink writing: a 3D printing technology for diverse materials.

M.A.S.R. Saadi, A. Maguire, N.T. Pottackal, M.S.H. Thakur, M.M. Ikram, A.J. Hart, P.M. Ajayan, M.M. Rahman.
Advanced Materials, 34(28):2108855, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

High-volume-fraction textured carbon nanotube–bis (maleimide) and epoxy matrix polymer nanocomposites: implications for high-performance structural composites.

A.L. Kaiser, C.A.C. Chazot, L.H. Acauan, I.V. Albelo, J. Lee, J.L. Gair Jr., A.J. Hart, I.Y. Stein, B.L. Wardle.
ACS Applied Nano Materials, 5(7):9008–9023 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Antifouling surface coatings from self‐assembled zwitterionic aramid amphiphile nanoribbons.

T. Christoff-Tempesta, E. Deiss-Yehiely, P.C. Dromel, L.D. Uliassi, C.A.C. Chazot, E. Postelnicu, A.J. Hart, M. Spector, P.T. Hammond, J.H. Ortony.
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 9(22):2200311, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

On Oreology, the fracture and flow of “milk’s favorite cookie”.

C.E. Owens, M. Fan, A.J. Hart, G.H. McKinley.
Physics of Fluids, 34(4):043107, 2022. [pdf] [doi] [design files]

Versatile acid solvents for pristine carbon nanotube assembly.

R.J. Headrick, S.M. Williams, C.E. Owens, L.W. Taylor, O.S. Dewey, C.J. Ginestra, L. Liberman, A. Mati, Y. Talmon, B. Maruyama, G.H. McKinley, A.J. Hart, M. Pasquali.
Science Advances, 8(17), 2022. [pdf] [doi] [videos]

Automated processing of environmental transmission electron microscopy images for quantification of thin film dewetting and carbon nanotube nucleation dynamics.

N.T. Dee, M. Schneider, D. Zakharov, P. Kidambi, A.J. Hart.
Carbon, 192:249-258 2022. [pdf] [doi]

A spiral laser scanning routine for powder bed fusion inspired by natural predator-prey behaviour.

S.I. Kim, A.J. Hart.
Virtual and Physical Prototyping, 17(2):239-255, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Molecular alignment of a meta-aramid on carbon nanotubes by in situ interfacial polymerization.

C.A.C. Chazot, B. Damirichi, A.C.T. van Duin, A.J. Hart.
Nano Letters, 22(3):998-1006 2022. [pdf] [doi]

A testbed for investigation of laser powder bed fusion at elevated atmospheric pressure.

D.A. Griggs, J.S. Gibbs, S.P. Baker, R.W. Penny, M.C. Feldmann, A.J. Hart.
Additive Manufacturing, 51:102581, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Printable, castable, nanocrystalline cellulose-epoxy composites exhibiting nacre-like toughening.

A. Rao, T. Divoux, C.E. Owens, A.J. Hart.
Cellulose, 29:2387–2398 2022. [pdf] [doi]

High-yield microplasma synthesis of monodisperse sub-3 nm diameter metal nanoparticles explained by a charge-mediated formation mechanism.

W.J. Sawyer, A.J. Hart.
Journal of Aerosol Science, 161:105915, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Mechanized spreading of ceramic powder layers for additive manufacturing characterized by transmission x-ray imaging: Influence of powder feedstock and spreading parameters on powder layer density.

D. Oropeza, R.W. Penny, D. Gilbert, A.J. Hart.
Powder Technology, 398:117053, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

A rapid development workflow for binder inks for additive manufacturing with application to polymer and reactive binder ink formulation.

D. Oropeza, R. Roberts, A.J. Hart.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 73:471-482, 2022. [pdf] [doi]

Enabling multi-material gradient structure in laser powder bed fusion.

A.G. Demir, J. Kim, F. Caltanissetta, A.J. Hart, C.C. Tasan, B. Previtali, B. Colosimo.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 301:117439, 2022. [pdf] [doi]



Reactive binder jet additive manufacturing for microstructural control and dimensional stability of ceramic materials.

D. Oropeza, A.J. Hart.
Additive Manufacturing, 48(Part B):102448, 2021. [pdf] [doi]

Pointwise fabrication and fluidic shaping of carbon nanotube field emitters.

C. E. Owens, J. Ludwick, J. Y. Ma, R. J. Headrick, S. M. Williams, M. Creighton, T. C. Back, B. Maruyama, M. Pasquali, G. H. McKinley, A.J. Hart.
21st International Conference on Solid State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems, 2021. [pdf] [doi]

Scaling hands-on learning principles in manufacturing through augmented reality disassembly and inspection of a consumer product.

E. Welsh, D. Li, A.J. Hart, J. Liu.
American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference (**Best Paper Award in Manufacturing**), 2021. [pdf] [permalink]

Spatial mapping of powder layer density for metal additive manufacturing via X-ray microscopy.

R.W. Penny, P.M. Praegla, M. Ochsenius, D. Oropeza, C. Meier, W.A. Wall, A.J. Hart.
Additive Manufacturing, 46:102197, 2021. [pdf] [doi]

Physics-based modeling and predictive simulation of powder bed fusion additive manufacturing across length scales.

C. Meier, S. L. Fuchs, N. Much, J. Nitzler, R. W. Penny, P. M. Praegla, S. D. Pröll, Y. Sun, R. Weissbach, M. Schreter, N. E. Hodge, A. J. Hart, W. A. Wall.
GAMM-Mitteilungen, 44(3):e202100014, 2021. [pdf] [doi]

Tailoring the surface morphology of carbon nanotube forests by plasma etching: a parametric study.

S. Seo, S. Kim, S. Yamamoto, K. Cui, T. Kodama, K. Shiomi, T. Inoue, S. Chiashi, S. Maruyama, A.J. Hart.
Carbon, 180:204-214, 2021. [pdf] [doi]

A laboratory-scale binder jet additive manufacturing testbed for process exploration and material development.

D. Oropeza, A.J. Hart.
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 114(11-12): 3459–3473, 2021. [pdf] [doi] [video]

Teaching manufacturing processes using a flipped classroom model.

A.J. Hart, D. Wendell, J. Liu, J. Lewandowski, M. Funes, A. Shih.
Procedia Manufacturing, 53:773-781, 2021. [pdf] [doi]

A novel smoothed particle hydrodynamics formulation for thermo-capillary phase change problems with focus on metal additive manufacturing melt pool modeling.

C. Meier, S.L. Fuchs, A.J. Hart, W.A. Wall.
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 381:113812, 2021. [pdf] [doi]

Iron oxide xerogels for improved water quality monitoring of arsenic(III) in resource-limited environments via solid-phase extraction, preservation, storage, transportation, and analysis of trace contaminants (SEPSTAT).

M.S. Bono, E.B. Hanhauser, C. Vaishnav, A.J. Hart, R. Karnik.
Analytical Methods, 18:2081-2176, 2021. [pdf] [doi]

Substrate-versatile direct-write printing of carbon nanotube-based flexible conductors, circuits, and sensors.

C.E. Owens, R.J. Headrick, S. Williams, A.J. Fike, M. Pasquali, G.H. McKinley, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Functional Materials, 31(25):2100245, 2021. [pdf] [doi] [videos]

Limiting mechanisms and scaling of electrostatically controlled adhesion of soft nanocomposite surfaces for robotic gripping.

M.S.H. Boutilier, C. Cao, N. Nayakanti, S. Kim, S.M. Taheri-Mousavi, A.J. Hart
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 13(1):1192–1203, 2021. [pdf] [doi] [video]

A modular testbed for mechanized spreading of powder layers for additive manufacturing.

D. Oropeza, R. Roberts, A.J. Hart.
Review of Scientific Instruments, 92(1):015114, 2021. [pdf] [doi]



Digital metal printing by electrohydrodynamic ejection and in-flight melting of microparticles.

Henry Merrow, Justin D. Beroz, Kaihao Zhang, Ulrich P. Muecke, A. John Hart.
Additive Manufacturing, 37:101703, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

High-speed production of crystalline semiconducting polymer line arrays by meniscus oscillation self-assembly.

J. Jeon, A. Tan, J. Lee, E.J. Park, S. Won, S. Kim, M. Bedewy, J. Go, J.K. Kim, A.J. Hart, J.J. Wie.
ACS Nano, 14(12):17254–17261, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Simulating the AM production facility: a configurable tool for strategic factory-level planning.

E. Shakirov, K. Gee, H. Quinlan, C. Fortin, I. Uzhinsky, A.J. Hart.
ASME 15th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC), 2020. [pdf]

In situ interfacial polymerization: A technique for rapid formation of highly-loaded carbon nanotube-polymer composites.

C.A.C. Chazot, C.K. Jons, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Functional Materials, 30(52):2005499, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

A microneedle technology for sampling and sensing bacteria in the food supply chain.

D. Kim, Y. Cao, D. Mariappan, M.S. Bono, A.J. Hart, B. Marelli.
Advanced Functional Materials, 31(1):2005370, 2020. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News]

A precision desktop plate-to-roll apparatus for development of advanced flexographic printing processes.

D.D. Mariappan, S. Kim, A.J. Hart.
Precision Engineering, 66:392-400, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Strong, ultralight nanofoams with extreme recovery and dissipation by manipulation of internal adhesive contacts.

Sei Jin Park, Jungho Shin, Daniel J. Magagnosc, Sanha Kim, Changhong Cao, Kevin T. Turner, Prashant K. Purohit, Daniel S. Gianola, and A. John Hart.
ACS Nano, 14(7):8383–8391, 2020. [pdf] [doi][video]

Maximization of carbon nanotube yield by solid carbon-assisted dewetting of iron catalyst films.

Rahul Rao, Jennifer Carpena-Núñez, Nicholas T. Dee, Dmitri N.Zakharov, J. Anibal Boscoboinik, Eric A. Stach, A. John Hart, Benji Maruyama.
Carbon, 165:251-258, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Strong macroscale supercrystalline structures by direct-write self-assembly of ceramic nanoparticles.

B. Domènech, A.T.L. Tan, H. Jelitto, E.Z. Berodt, M. Blankenburg, O. Focke, J. Cho, C.C. Tasan, L.C. Ciacchi, M. Müller, K.P. Furlan, A.J. Hart, G.A. Schneider.
Advanced Engineering Materials, 22(7):2000352, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Interfacial load monitoring and failure detection in total joint replacements via piezoresistive bone cement and electrical impedance tomography.

H. Ghaednia, C. E. Owens, R. Roberts, T. N. Tallman, A. J. Hart, K. M. Varadarajan.
Smart Materials and Structures, 29(8):085039, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Improved rheometry of yield stress fluids using bespoke fractal 3D printed vanes.

C.E. Owens, A.J. Hart, G.H. McKinley.
Journal of Rheology, 64:643-662, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Shape-programmed fabrication and actuation of magnetic nanocomposite micropost arrays.

J. Jeon, J.E. Park, S.J Park, S. Won, H. Zhao, S. Kim, B.S. Shim, A. Urbas, A.J. Hart, Z. Ku, J.J. Wie.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12(14), 17113-17120, 2020. [pdf] [doi] [videos]

Solid-phase extraction, preservation, storage, transport and analysis of trace contaminants (SEPSTAT) for water quality monitoring of heavy metals.

E.B. Hanhauser, M.S. Bono, C. Vaishnav, A.J. Hart, R. Karnik.
Environmental Science and Technology, 54(5), 2646-2657, 2020. [pdf] [doi]

Fieldwork-based determination of design priorities for point-of-use drinking water quality sensors for use in resource-limited environments.

M.S. Bono, S. Beasley, E.B. Hanhauser, A.J. Hart, R. Karnik, C. Vaishnav.
PLoS ONE, 15(1):e0228140, 2020. [pdf] [doi]



In-plane direct-write assembly of iridescent colloidal crystals.

A.T.L. Tan, S. Nagelberg, E. Chang-Davidson, J. Tan, J. K. W. Yang, M. Kolle, A.J. Hart.
Small, 16(4):1905519, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

High-density carbon nanotube forest growth on copper foil for enhanced thermal and electrochemical interfaces.

B. Lettiere, C. Chazot, K. Cui, A.J. Hart.
ACS Applied Nano Materials, 3(1), 77-83, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Understanding and control of interactions between carbon nanotubes and polymers for manufacturing of high-performance composite materials.

C.A.C. Chazot, A.J. Hart
Composites Science and Technology. 183:107795, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Delamination mechanics of carbon nanotube micropillars.

J. Brown, T. Hajilounezhad, N. Dee, S. Kim, A.J. Hart, M. Maschmann
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 11(38), 35221-35227, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Microstructured ceramic-coated carbon nanotube surfaces as high heat flux pool boiling interfaces.

H. Zhao, S. Dash, N.S. Dhillon, S. Kim, B. Lettiere, K. Varanasi, A.J. Hart
ACS Applied Nano Materials. 2(9), 538-5545, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

A robotic platform for flow synthesis of organic compounds informed by AI planning.

C.W. Coley, D.A. Thomas III, J.A.M. Lummiss, J.N. Jaworski, C.P. Breen, V. Schultz, T. Hart, J.S. Fishman, L. Rogers, H. Gao, R.W. Hicklin, P.P. Plehiers, J. Byington, J.S. Piotti, W.H. Green, A.J.Hart, T.F. Jamison, K.F. Jensen
Science. 365.6453: eaax1566, 2019. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News] [video]

Soft nanocomposite electroadhesives for digital micro- and nanotransfer printing.

S. Kim, Y. Jiang, K. Towell, M.S.H. Boutilier, N. Nayakanti, C. Chun, C. Jacob, H. Zhao, K.T. Turner, A.J. Hart.
Science Advances. 4(10): EAAX4790, 2019. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News]

Isolating the roles of hydrogen exposure and trace carbon contamination on the formation of active catalyst populations for carbon nanotube growth.

J. Carpena-Núñez, J.A. Boscoboinik, S.M. Saber, R. Rao, J. Zhong, M.R. Maschmann, P.R. Kidambi, N.T. Dee, D.N. Zakharov, D. Stacchiola, A.J. Hart, E.A. Stach, B. Maruyama.
ACS Nano. 13(8), 8736-8748, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Carbon-assisted catalyst pre-treatment enables straightforward synthesis of high-density carbon nanotube forests.

N.T. Dee, J. Li, A.O. White, C. Jacob, W. Shi, P.R. Kidambi, K. Cui, D.N. Zakharov, N.Z. Jankovic, M. Bedewy, C.A. Chazot, J. Carpena-Nunez, B. Maruyama, E.A. Stach, D.L. Plata, A.J. Hart.
Carbon. 153:196-205, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

An assessment of the dimensional accuracy and geometry-resolution limit of desktop stereolithography using response surface methodology.

I. Cotabarren, C.A. Palla, C. McCue, A.J. Hart.
Rapid Prototyping Journal. 25(7), 1169-1186, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Dynamics of liquid transfer from nanoporous stamps in high-resolution flexographic printing.

D.D. Mariappan, S. Kim, M.S.H. Boutilier, J. Zhao, H. Zhao, J. Beroz, U. Muecke, H. Sojoudi, K. Gleason, P. Brun, A.J. Hart.
Langmuir. 35(24):7659-7671, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Precision assembly of additively manufactured components using integral kinematic couplings.

R.W. Penny, A.J. Hart.
Precision Engineering. 60:104-116, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Shear melting and recovery of crosslinkable cellulose nanocrystal-polymer gels.

A. Rao, T. Divoux, G.H. McKinley, A.J. Hart.
Soft Matter. 15:4401-4412, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Stability limit of electrified droplets.

J. Beroz, A.J. Hart, J.W.M. Bush.
Physical Review Letters. 122:244501, 2019. [pdf] [video][doi] [MIT News]

Additive manufacturing of biomechanically tailored meshes for compliant wearable and implantable devices.

S.W. Pattinson, M.E. Huber, S. Kim, J. Lee, S. Grunsfeld, R. Roberts, G. Dreifus, C. Meier, L. Liu, N. Hogan, A.J. Hart.
Advanced Functional Materials2019, 1901815. [pdf] [doi] [MIT News]

Perspective: How to print a 3D object all at once.

A.J. Hart, A. Rao.
Science. 363:1042-1043, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Hierarchically structured nanoparticle monolayers for the tailored etching of nanoporous silicon.

M. Sharma, A.T.L. Tan, B. Smith, A.J. Hart, J.C. Grossman.
ACS Applied Nano Materials. 2(3):1146-1151, 2019. [pdf] [doi]

Synthetic butterfly scale surfaces with compliance-tailored anisotropic drop adhesion.

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