H.W. Baac, J.G. Ok, H.J. Park, T. Ling, S.L. Chen, A.J. Hart, L.J. Guo. Applied Physics Letters 97:234104, 2010. [http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.3522833]



We demonstrate carbon nanotube (CNT) composite-based optoacoustic transmitters that generate strong and high frequency ultrasound. The composite consists of CNTs grown on a substrate, which are embedded in elastomeric polymer used as an acoustic transfer medium. Under pulsed laser excitation, the composite generates very strong optoacoustic pressure: 18 times stronger than a Cr film reference and five times stronger than a gold nanoparticle composite with the same polymer. This enhancement persists over a broadband frequency range of up to 120 MHz and is confirmed by calculation. We suggest the CNT-polymer composites as highly efficient optoacoustic transmitters for high resolution ultrasound imaging.



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