O. Yaglioglu, A.J. Hart, R. Martens, A.H. Slocum.  Review of Scientific Instruments 77:095105, 2006. [http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.2349300]



We present a method for electromechanical characterization of carbon nanotube (CNT) films grown on silicon substrates as potential electrical contacts. The method includes measuring the sheet resistance of a tangled CNT film, measuring the contact resistance between two tangled CNT films, and investigating the dependence on applied force and postgrowth annealing. We also characterize Au-CNT film contact resistance by simultaneous measurement of applied force and resistance. We measure a contact resistance as low as 0.024? ?/mm2 between two films of tangled single-wall carbon nanotubes grown on a polished silicon substrate and observe an electromechanical behavior very similar to that predicted by classical contact theory.



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