D. Bello, A.J. Hart, K. Ahn, M. Hallock, N. Yamamoto, E.J. García, B.L. Wardle, M.J. Ellenbecker.  Carbon 46:974-981, 2008. [http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.carbon.2008.03.003]



The results of this investigation support a conclusion that no detectable quantity of CNTs, bundles or similar-sized carbonaceous particles are released to the occupational environment during CVD growth of a vertically-aligned CNT forest on a substrates in a tube furnace, or during subsequent handling and delamination of the forest. This is an important finding as many academic and industrial laboratories utilize similar systems and processes. Although only one system was studied, we expect these findings are generally applicable to substrate-bound growth of CNTs and similar-size structures, as the placement of CNTs is directed by the location of the catalyst on the substrate, and van der Waals interactions hold CNTs to one another and/or to the substrate. Vapor-phase (“floating catalyst”) processes, where CNTs and/or catalyst instead float continuously or recirculate through the furnace, would require independent investigation.



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